Dundul Raptenling

Before the Chinese occupied of Tibet,H.H Dudjom jigdral yeshi dorjee build Rigzin ghatseling monastery, at Buchcu, in kongpo region of Tibet and established first lama lingpa. These has been many accomplished masters and great ngakpa and geylong among his holiness disciples. During that time, duddjom tersar flourished. After 1959, when we lost over freedom and had to seek refuge in India. During those wandering period, His Holiness found it utmost importance and necessity to established monastery to avoid degeneration of Budha doctrine. And to preserve the nyingmapa lineage  His Holinesss XIV Dalai lama requested  Kyabje Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshi dorjee. To take charge. Keeping His Holiness Dalai Lama request in heart, Kyabje Rinpoche  decided on building a monastery and choose Orissa[odiyana written in text] to build.Duddul raptenling.kyabje rinpoche choosed Orissa [odiyana] being one of the 24 sacred place. kyabjeRinpoche sent a letter community a pema koe[ a very sacred place in south Tibet] mentainig about Rinpoche plan to build Nyingmapa monastery and colony at Orissa and asking then to china.
In 1961,Kyabje Rinpoche named the monastery build at camp no-3, Orissa Tibetan refuge settlement Duddul Raptenling . initially a timedformed moanstry was build where approx. 100 sandha can mbe getherd. CHU-LUNG-TRUL SUM [Amitabha ,Avalokiteshvars, Guru paddma anbhava statue was elected in side. On the fare left is TROMA and on the fero left. In Dorjee droeloe. As in Tibet, from this monastery also, these period, moet of the prectitioners stays in retret imidiating there were no monstry school and hostel[shedra].
At later stages,[around 1969] under the supervision of Lama Sherpa and Lama Donam, two story tsugla khang [moanastry]was build. Due to lack of resource, it took another 10year to complet. It is the same reason the monastery was not build according  to Kyabje Rinpoche design. Around 1978, with the help of Tibetan representative, tulku tsephel, monastery was completed, feb 3,1979,H.H dalai lama. Consevreated and inargurated  the 2story Duddul raptenling monastery
          It is known as CHU-KHU SHINGKHAM[HEAVEN]. It has a statue of CHU- KHU- WOEPAKME[AMITADHA]. On the right side AMITABHAis DOR- SEM-XAB-YUM,on the left  guru TSO-GYE-THUK-TALK statue.
                     FIRST FLOOR;
Long-khu shin kham[heaven]. In the niddle,avalokiteshvarie[CHAK-TONG CHEN TONG][thousand hand,thousand eye] 10ft statue is located. On its right, is Jamphel yang [manjushri] as the left is Benzar pani. In frount of Avalokitessauri Yeshi Dorjee. Right to the room is Kyabje Rinpoche bedroom[mini and masters]. On the benefit of the statue room is Lissary, in the text in the library include  1-GYALWA  KHA- GYUR/TEN GYUR RINPOCHE.                                                                                                                                 
5-DUDJOM RINPOCHE KHA-  DUM vo/i and ii]
11-and other various lama sungbhum.
               GROUND FLOOR; tulku- shing kham; the main statue is of SHAKYAMUNI  in the middle. Oh its right side is GURU NANGSI SIL-NOEN  1of statue .further right is GUSU DORJEE DHARUE –eoe 8ft statue is erected. On the left of BHUDDHA is DUDDJOM LINGPA. TERMATAMDINA  NANGTHROE,[1OFT], on PANCHEN DORJEE SHUND PHURPA on its left , this prayers helt can accountable approx 100[singhes] and it is used for all prayers events.
               SHEDRA[MOMASTSE SCHOOL]; in 1997, DUNSE SHENPHEN  DAWA NORBU RINPOCHE  visited duddul raptenling and recited 22 new monks as older prectitimes fun ti so passed away he build one strong class room and hostel building eor monastic schooling purpose and help in continuation of  duddul raptenling  monastic tradition. Rinpoche himself looked looked after all the expenditure are used well being  of monastery and all single.khenpo were provided from nadroling monastyr to teacher new monks. This trend continued till 2003.4, after which due SHENPHEN RINPOCHE ,personal health condition,there has been decline in his support. During 2004-5, only few of monks venained, after most of the monk left.till 2007,our monastery declined  dramatically, and only after Tulku Tsephel heartfelt  wishes, he ordered Sonam tashi [who is one of few remaining monks, and has been in the monastery since his childhood] who put up lots of Hard work and effort to recent 15 new monks in 2005. And also Shenphen rinpoche  started supporting again,taking care of Tulku Tsephel,Lama  Sonam tashi looked after external  affairs and raising funds. When affairs started looking bright, Tulku tsephel passed away on 3rd  march 2007, during  snowful day, Lma sonam tashi  took all the responsiblility when while  consulting  Shenphen rinpoche and  Sangyum[khenpo] Kusho rinpoche  about nominating a president for the monastery. On 2010, 10th of may [Guru Rinpoche  Birth available] Lama Jamphel sherap was nominated as president by Shenphen rinpoche and khandu rinpoche. While back in 2009, Duddul raptenling  hosted H.H Dalai lama during his visited to Orissa. Kundun emphasised on preserving the Duddjom lingpa tradition and also of of monastic schooling. On that same day, lama sonm tashi requested Tulku pema rigsal  for lop-pon [teacher], which Tulku obliged immediately currently we have increase our strength to 30monks [ sanghas ]and our thought 1-slaha-shung 2- duddjom lineage 3-english[basic] 4-tibetean language[reading/ writing] these are other 11non vesident ngakpa [yogins] 3nuns,we all together, and trying to preserve our unique tradition of dudjom lingpa.
lama Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche is nominated as a President in 2018 
lama Sonam Tashi is nominated as a Secretary in 

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